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College Drive Assembly, located in Colby, Kansas, is a diverse spiritual family seeking to know God and live in community with one another. We are a part of the Assemblies of God, a worldwide denomination of Pentecostal churches. Browse this page to see our beliefs and core values as a church. We pray you'll consider visiting CDAG this Sunday!

About Our Church

What We Believe

These beliefs are at the core of everything we do.


The Bible has the last word, it is the bottom line.


God is God – revealed in three persons…Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


Jesus is coming again


Man missed the mark and fell out of relationship with God.


The good news is, every person can have and experience through faith and repentance, a restored relationship with God.


Water baptism and Holy Communion are two ways in which we as Christ followers connect with God.


The Holy Spirit can change and empower your life.


You are empowered by the Spirit when you receive a spirit language.


We should strive to become more like Jesus in every aspect of our lives.


The church has a job! It’s job is to help people find their way back to God!


God calls some into full-time ministry!


God can and does still heal today.


Jesus is coming again.


When Jesus comes again, we will reign on earth with Him.


Judgment day will take place.


Heaven is real.

Our Core Values

Our church operates on a specific and intentional set of core values.


We strive to fulfill the Great Commission as we evangelize in our local community and internationally through our missions partners.


Through the gifting of the Holy Spirit, we seek to live and worship in spirit in truth, carried along by Christ’s supernatural power.


Following the example of Jesus in scripture, we prioritize the little ones. Our children and youth programs are designed to be engaging, educational, and inspirational.


At CDAG, we put a big emphasis on caring for the least of these through denominational missions campaigns and community outreach programs.


Our pastors teach the text accurately and convictionally, believing the Bible to be the root of all truth and knowledge for our lives.


We work to be a church that grows and deepens our people spiritually, grounding them in the Word and developing them as followers of Jesus.


Our services are saturated with deep, heartfelt worship and fervent prayer to the Lord. CDAG is a place where you can truly connect with God every Sunday.

Want to Learn More?

Deciding on a new church can be a daunting task. If you have questions about how we do things here at College Drive, or if you just want to chat with one of our team members, don't hesitate to contact us today. We'd love to get to know you!

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